Vijay Sharma-Master Chef India

The pride of Chhattisgarh – Master chef Vijay Sharma
Life is unpredictable and when it has bigger plans for you, it automatically takes you towards it.This is the story of this common man cum Master chef Vijay Sharma. Belonging to Baloda Bazar, his father is the owner of a thali restaurant. He always had an inclination towards cooking but he had his electrical business away from the food industry from the age of 16. He had a struggling childhood as his family was not financially secure.


He loved cooking and was always experimenting with food. He was an avid fan of Master chef show and used to follow all cookery show religiously. His wife then challenged her to participate in the next season of the show. This ignited the spark inside him and he decided to give the auditions for the show. But this was also not easy as his family was a pure vegetarian and they did not even touch non vegetarian food. But as it was his destiny and God’s will, the next season was announced to be a vegetarian one. He immediately moved to Delhi to give the auditions. It was an unknown city for him but he managed to get support from his wife’s relatives.The audition was also a tough call. He had to compete with 3622 participants and had to wait for 12 hours. Also before being selected and appearing on the television he had to go through 5 rounds, 4 of food and 5th of personal interview.

Finally he made it in the Top 5 of the show and was also a popular figure. But the journey was not at all an easy one for him. Being from a small town he was not aware of many spices, fruits, vegetables and ingredients. He had to put in double effort every time to learn to cook those. He also had his set of goof-ups in the show and also had many fan moments. After the show, he got lots of love from Raipur as well as whole of India. He got many job offers in hand but he always wanted to support his city and state. He then came up with Blenders, a one of its kind fine dine restaurant with Indo Lebanese menu. His aim behind this is to serve healthy and good vegetarian food to Raipurian. He is also the brand ambassador of Bharat Nirvachan Aayog. He has done many shows and events all around India and also abroad. He has also hosted many cooking shows on STAR Plus, IBC24,ETv etc.

After tasting success his down-to-earthnature is commendable. He is a self made man but has no pride in it and is always giving credits to his family and city. His love for his city is visible in his efforts and he is continuously working towards bringing something new here. He has his values intact and that is worth applause.

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